These ethereal antlers are rare indeed, for it is very uncommon to come across them while walking through hidden, magic places.


Enchant thy head, go forth and be wicked.

Ethereal Antlers

  • ★ Each horn is pigmented individually- colors may vary slightly from what is displayed on your monitor. 


    ★ Crafted from Q&B's hand-sculpted originals and cast in durable, lightweight epoxy resin.  All epoxy yellows with exposure to sunlight, which may alter the color of your horns over time. 


    ★ Strung on sturdy elastic cord.


    ★ Each horn measures roughly 4.5" in length and about 1.5" across at the base. 


    ★ For more information, check out our FAQ!

    Your loyal purveyors of the unusual,
    Quinn & Bloom

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