Junkis attracts all the rubbish you will never, ever need.



This gargantuan Pifflet is made of diabolical fluff, broken baubles, keys to nowhere, mothballs, and bad attitude. He is a magnet for bits and pieces of stuff, which he adamantly refuses to ever throw away, and trails them around in his fluff. Some special things, however, are stashed in his very big, very beautiful box of Definitely Not Trash.


Pifflets are rather nasty, mischievous spirits. Quinn & Bloom take no responsibility for their actions.

Junkis | The Chintzy

  • ★ Pifflets are truly despicable. Q&B take no responsibility for any chaos they cause.

    ★ This massive, diabolical Pifflet towers over the others, at a whopping 7ish inches tall.

    ★ All Pifflets are haphazardly comprised of hand dyed wool and handmade masks- no two are quite the same.  Each is made with an equal dose of malice and mischeif by Q&B.

    ★ Each Pifflet will arrive with a Certificate of Adoption. Be sure you are truly ready to take on the responsibility of managing their mischief, because it is magically binding.

    ★ Please remember that, as creatures of the spirit realm, their tangible physical forms are delicate. They are certainly not toys. 


    ★ For more information, check out our FAQ!

    Your loyal procurers of the unusual,
    Quinn & Bloom


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