One mysterious satchel.  What magic might be waiting inside?  For those that enjoy a bit of mystery.  Each satchel contains one or more remarkable items, well worth the coin, we assure you.  



Will it be a Node?  A lovely little pair of horns?  Common quality satchels contain at least one random, handmade Quinn & Bloom item along with a bit of extra magic. 



What could lie within this dusty little Pifflet hoard?  Perhaps it would be dangerous, to open such a thing.  It was, after all, pilfered from the clutches of a nasty little spirit.  Quinn & Bloom are sure that whoever is brave enough to accept such a challenge will be worthy of its rewards.

Mysterious Satchel

  • ★ One grab bag- no two are alike, but all are a mystery.


    Your loyal procurers of the unusual,
    Quinn & Bloom

    © Quinn and Bloom

    © Quinn and Bloom