Nazz makes awful sounds when he eats.


Pifflets are rather nasty, mischievous spirits. Quinn & Bloom take no responsibility for their actions.

Nazz | The Putrid

  • ★ Pifflets are truly despicable. Q&B take no responsibility for any chaos they cause.


    ★ Thanks to a handy magnet sewn into each Pifflet, they are able to stick all over the place for all sorts of chaos.


    ★ All Pifflets are haphazardly comprised of hand dyed wool and handmade masks- no two are quite the same.  Each is made with an equal dose of malice and mischeif by Q&B.


    ★ Each Pifflet will arrive with a Certificate of Adoption. Be sure you are truly ready to take on the responsibility of managing their mischief, because it is magically binding.


    ★ Pifflets vary in size- ranging 3" to 4" tall.


    ★ Please remember that, as creatures of the spirit realm, their tangible physical forms are delicate. They are certainly not toys. 


    Your loyal procurers of the unusual,
    Quinn & Bloom


    © Quinn and Bloom