Found on a cool spring evening at dusk weaving a basket from grass, Swiftlet is a Dustling of Insight.


This spirit is fond of making things that take a long time to finish, cricket songs, and talking with spiders. They have a calm, patient way about them, and a look that suggests they know things others do not.


They may remind their human companion to slow down and listen to the rhythms in the earth, for without them one can feel swept away and lost. 


All Dustlings have connections to seasons, stones and scents.  Swiftlet has a strong connection to late Spring, Amethyst, and the scent of Sage and Citrus.


    ★ All Dustlings are lovingly crafted only from old, worn or damaged furs and leathers, (such as old coats and bags.)  Respect and repurposing are at the heart of Dustling creation, as Quinn & Bloom feel very strongly about bringing life back to something that once was living.  They are carefully filled with stones, mosses and incenses, and equipped with a bag and treasures of their choosing.  No two are alike. 

    ★ Every Dustling will arrive with a Certificate of Adoption. Be sure you are truly ready to take on the responsibility of being a soulbound companion, because it is magically binding.

    ★ Dustlings vary in size and posture, and this one stands between 5" to 7" tall.

    ★ Please remember that, as creatures of the spirit realm, their tangible physical forms are delicate. They are certainly not toys. 


    ★ Dustlings enjoy offerings of smoke in their favorite scents. After the stick has burnt away, lightly dust them with the ash. (Though they love dust baths, please don't mistake that for water! Dustlings don't care for water or oil on their fur.)


    ★ All of our beings and spirits come entirely from the magical minds of Quinn & Bloom

    Your loyal purveyors of the unusual,
    Quinn & Bloom



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