In the wake of winter solstice, the Brambleking awakes from a long, restful slumber.  This noble, magic being is a merry one, and finds endless joy in the melting of snow, the lengthening of sun-lit hours, the budding of leaves in the crisp, cold air, and the slow ripening of berries as the wheel of seasons makes its gradual turn.  His fine hat is reminiscent of winter’s end, while also paying a loving homage to its beauty and importance - for there is no blossoming spring until the frost has faded away.


Every good Hedgewizard knows that a proper hat is an absolute must.  Hand-crafted with fine fabrics, enchanted thread, and assorted haberdashery, each hat is entirely one of a kind, just as the wizard who wears it.  Robes and tunics may come and go, but a magic hat is a fantastical fashion statement that is truly timeless.


This Hedgewizard's Hat fits a head that is approximately 21" to 24",  from a bit more loose to a bit more snug.

The Brambleking's Hat

  • ★ Since Bloom first wandered the roads of the Merriwick in their enchanted cap, they have created only a scant few to enchant the heads of others.  A rare and fashionable commodity, no two are or ever will be the same. 


    ★ Hedgewizard's Hats are created of lovely fabrics such as velveteen, silk and assorted upholstery fabrics, and crafted with magic in every adorning stitch.


    ★ For more information, check out our FAQ!


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