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Concerning Mico

In the silent moments and still in-betweens, in caverns deep and forests green, this is where Mico will be seen.  

At first you may miss them, mistaking them for much more mundane fungi... That is, until their little caps bob and they pop themselves right up and out of the rotting stump they often call home.

All Mico are connected by one great, magical network sprawling under the earth's surface, like little ley-lines pulsing with the heartbeat of nature. They are, however, each quite unique. It can be noted that they will often decorate their caps in order to distinguish themselves from one another.

It has taken much time and patience to observe these strange little spirits, as they are quite skittish and the most active at night or deep within the heart of the forest. This is not to say that they do not enjoy the presence of humans, as long as they are careful not to disturb their home or brethren.

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