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Are your horns handmade?



Our horns are created from original, hand-sculpted designs. From there, we make our own molds, curate pigments, and resin cast by hand. There is, and will never be, any 3-D printing or third party production involved. Finally, we take the time to sand and polish each horn by hand to a unique, glass-like finish. This process is time consuming, but ensures we are able to deliver a premier product.

Do you take custom orders for horns?



The nature of how we create colors and shimmer effects in our horns makes it difficult to anticipate precise results, so we do not accept custom color requests. We also do not take requests for custom horn shapes, as the time and materials cost of sculpting and mold-making is quite prohibitive. 


We are open for freelance work for studios or companies - serious inquiries only. 

I have thin hair, can I wear your horns?



Most of our horns come on an elastic band, which can be comfortably worn no matter what type of hair you have. If you have very fine hair, or no hair at all, you may want to use a clear elastic instead - whatever makes you most comfortable. We also offer some horns as a clip-in style. If you have very fine or silky hair, it may be helpful to put your hair in a small twist or braid in order to help give the teeth of the clip something to grab onto. You can also clip your horns onto a headband, head scarf, or hat! 

Can I use your horns to create a headdress or other costume project?



You are free to use our horns to create whatever magnificent looks you desire! We would love to see what you make!  Feel free to send us pictures through our Instagram, @quinnandbloom. Credit is very much appreciated.

Do you offer horns on a headband?



However, you can easily take the horns off of their elastic band and either sew or wire them onto a headband of your choice. We support your pursuit of what is most appealing and comfortable for you!

will my horns hold up in the heat?



The type of resin we use for our horns is designed to withstand heat upwards of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. (That being said, please do not intentionally subject your horns to high heat, such as from an open flame.) The material will soften a little on a hot summer day, but will retain its shape, and harden again once it is able to cool off. It is completely normal. If your horns feel soft, do not store them anywhere they could get squished, such as a bag or suitcase. Keep them somewhere safe until they can harden up again.

What is a dustling?

Dustlings are entirely one of a kind, handmade pieces of art that have individual characteristics, stories, and personal meaning to those that take them home. In our world, they are a sort of spirit creature. 

Are Dustlings an original creation?



Dustlings, and all of our other creatures (Mico, Nodes, Pifflets, and more to come) are not from any other existing story, franchise, work of art, or film. They are entirely unique to the magical world of Quinn & Bloom.  

Can I make my own Dustling?


Can I make my own Mico, Node, or Pifflet?


Do you accept Dustling commissions?


... Sometimes.  We accept a very limited number of Dustling commissions each year. The best way to find out about open commission slots is to follow our Instagram, @quinnandbloom, where we will post announcements about availability. 

Are Dustlings made with real fur?



Dustlings are beings very connected to the natural world, and so it is very important that they are created with many natural materials. We never source new fur and only use old, often damaged pieces of vintage fur that would otherwise be discarded and forgotten. Rather than see the fur of these animals in a landfill, we scoop them up and take them in. Dustlings are, in part, a vessel for breathing new life into something that no longer has life of its own. This is a very conscious and intentional choice.

How long does it take to make a Dustling?

Creating a Dustling is a very long process that involves countless different components. Every single part is done by hand. From sculpting and stitching to miniature metalwork, leatherwork, tailoring, beading, embroidering, writing, and more, a single Dustling is completed over the course of one to two months.

Can I take my Dustling out and about with me?

Dustlings are pieces of art. We cannot control what happens to them once they leave our care, but we do not advise taking them out on adventures with you. Many Dustlings have fragile or delicate accessories, tiny things that may get lost, and they are also made of materials that may degrade if they are continually exposed to the elements. Excessive handling may also result in damage to delicate accessories or the fur. Please remember that these are pieces of art, not toys, and should be treated accordingly.

Are Dustlings poseable/movable?



They have a small degree of natural movement to them, but they do not contain wire armatures or any kind of sockets and are not intended to be poseable. Please do not attempt to bend or pose your Dustling.

How do I take care of my Dustling?

Dustlings thrive best when placed in a safe environment amidst other treasures where they are out of reach from little hands. We advise keeping your Dustling away from moisture. If their fur gets a bit dusty, you can gently brush it off with your hands or a dry cloth. All Dustlings enjoy different kinds of offerings, and you can learn more about each of them in their accompanying booklet.

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