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...and across teetering mountain ranges, Quinn & Bloom travel to bring their enchanted wares. Sometimes the journey is long, but they never tire of one another's company. They share talk of little things, of stories and dreams and things to laugh about. When they finally arrive, they are weary, but happy. Beneath the glow of the setting sun they set up shop to the sounds of singing and lazy fiddle tunes off in the distance, the air laced with incense, tea and roasting meats. 


By the time the moon casts its silver down upon the dry, trodden grass, they have tucked into bed, all too eager for the smell of damp earth and the jingle of coins that signal the arrival of morning. For when morning does come, they will pull on their handsome vests, cradle warm, buttery pies, and stand at their trusty cart, ready to beckon passersby with sweet words and charming smiles. They have, after all... 

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