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From our lovely patrons


"Out of all the horns I've bought over the last couple of years, these are finally the ones I'm most happy with and are going to be my faun horns! Beautifully made and sized, the coloring is perfect, and no bulky headband! Definitely wish I had found this shop sooner! Keep up the awesome work! (Also, I adored the little note you guys sent.) Thank you so much!! :)"

Ink on Jan 2, 2018

"I'm so happy to finally be able to adopt a dustling. I saw Quinn and Bloom at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire last year but didn't have enough in my budget to take one home. After touching one and holding it I was totally hooked. The details are so adorable and always unique, it feels like you're holding a live creature in your hand. Yew is no exception. While he is bigger than the dustlings I remember holding, the character and wonderful uniqueness that went into him is incomparable to anything I've ever owned. So much love and care goes into these creatures, he's really special to me. I even framed the adoption letter, I'm a huge dork. :3 I'm super in love and me and Yew have already formed a special bond. I can't wait to adopt another dustling! Thanks QB <3"

- hizzacked on Jan 29, 2018


Even after reading how big they are I was still surprised at how big he is lol. He smells amazing btw, love that he was sent with some incense to make him smell so nice. He’s currently hiding in my nickname cabinet but I’ve seen him eyeing the pocket knife. Hopefully the glass keeps me safe. Wonderful product and the little adoption paper and seals are a wonderful touch!!!

- agensler19 on Feb 14, 2018


"Cro is another amazing addition to the family, I was drawn to him the moment I read he was obsessed with numerology. As a mechanical engineer, I can relate to that, almost everything I do at work includes mathematics in some form or way, and I enjoy it immensely. Just like Skipjack, he makes an excellent companion, and I can't wait to bring him along to the Renaissance fairs. My girlfriend adores both of them as well, I think I may get her a Dustling she likes so she may have a little companion of her own."

- Angel on Feb 4, 2018



"I love these horns! They are high quality and the size makes them very subtle. I feel like I could wear these out in public and get away with it."

- Jesse on Dec 13, 2017

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