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  • Nodes dwell underground along mineral veins, very rarely digging up to the surface.  To catch a Node is no simple task - one must first seek out hidden places, following instinct more than maps, and then spend quite a lot of time digging. When close to a node-rich pocket, a soft, ethereal song can be heard. Nodes love to sing, and do so by vibrating at different frequencies to produce strange, beautiful, resonating tones.


    These elusive creatures can be found along all types of mineral veins. Depending on their habitat, Nodes become imbued with the different magical properties of that type of stone, which makes them highly desirable for collectors.


    • ★ Nodes are handmade of resin and magic; each is pigmented and filled in a slightly different way, so no two are quite alike.


      ★ Each fully grown Node measures around 2" long and young Nodes measure about 1" , though their height varies with their different crystalline growths.  (See size comparison for reference.)


      ★ Though quite easy to keep and get along with, without proper stimulation Nodes can become quite fussy.  Be sure to offer plenty of music to your new little companion.


      ★ All of our beings and spirits come entirely from the magical minds of Quinn & Bloom


      Your loyal procurers of the unusual,
      Quinn & Bloom


      © Quinn and Bloom

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