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  • Enchant thy head, go forth and be wicked.


    Gathered by lamplight, in grottos and groves, these horns have been shed by creatures unknown. Be you tricksy or be you good, these beastly horns are for all creatures magnificent and mysterious.


    Due to the beautifully wild, mysterious nature of how our horns are created, we cannot guarantee how they will turn out. The colors will mix and flow unpredictably, and that is what makes them entirely one-of-a-kind. Your horns will never be able to be replicated!


    By purchasing custom, made to order horns, you agree to these conditions.

    ★ After your order, Quinn or Bloom will send you a message confirming your custom color choices.

    ★ We will not be able re-make your horns if the colors are not to your exact specifications.

    No refunds will be issued.

    ★ Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for your horns to be created. (This does not  include shipping time.)


    ★ Color List ★

    You must choose at least 2, but no more than 4 colors.





    Bright Red

    Deep Red


    Light Orange

    Bright Orange

    Bright Yellow

    Deep Yellow


    Light Green

    Bright Green

    Deep Green


    Light Blue

    Bright Blue

    Deep Blue


    Light Purple

    Bright Purple

    Deep Purple


    Light Pink

    Bright Pink

    Light Brown
    Deep Brown


    ★ Metallics ★

    Metallic colors will not be used for the tip of the horns.


    Metallic Gold

    Metallic Bronze

    Metallic Copper

    Metallic Silver

    Crafted to Order: Enchanted Beast Horns

    • ★ Strung on sturdy elastic cord.

      ★ Each horn's magical colorwork is done by hand, which means no two will be exactly the same. 

      ★ Every single horn we craft is sanded and polished by hand.

      ★ Crafted from Q&B's hand-sculpted originals and cast in durable epoxy resin.  All epoxy yellows with exposure to sunlight, which may alter the color of your horns over time.   

      ★ Horns can become slightly pliable after prolonged exposure to high heat.  In such a case, handle them with care until they have a chance to cool.

      ★ Store your enchantment out of direct sunlight where it won't be squashed.

      Your loyal purveyors of the unusual,
      Quinn & Bloom

      © Quinn and Bloom

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