Mico are simple, rather delightful little spirits.

Unlike their close mushroom relatives that live their lives in the ground or on tree trunks, Mico like to get up and wander around. They are a little skittish, so approach quietly -  we recommend finding a place to sit and wait for them to get comfortable around you.

Most Mico are more active at night, and like to take walks under the moonlight. 


  • ★ Mico are made of resin and magic.  They are hand-painted, so no two are quite alike.


    ★ Each Mico measures around 3" tall, and their heads can pivot and rotate this way and that.


    ★ All of our beings and spirits come entirely from the magical minds of Quinn & Bloom


    Your loyal procurers of the unusual,
    Quinn & Bloom


    © Quinn and Bloom